Manage Your Digestive Health with an Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Manage Your Digestive Health with an Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Many Canadians suffer from digestive distress that may include bloating, constipation, fatigue, heartburn, stomach pain and gas following a meal. With an Ayurvedic lifestyle, some of these symptoms may be controlled by monitoring how we eat our meals and what we consume.

We have been accustomed to eating on the go and this means trouble for our digestive systems. In order for proper digestion to occur, we need to sit down and relax in a soothing environment in order to correctly absorb the nutrients that the food is offering and to process them. If the right environment cannot be found, we should at least find a place to sit down where we can enjoy the meal. Sitting provides a relaxed position for the stomach and allows us to truly appreciate the smell and taste of food.

Eating ginger before a meal helps to stimulate digestion and can prevent fatigue from setting in following a meal. Ginger is known to activate the salivary glands so that digestive enzymes are produced to facilitate nutrient absorption.

Turmeric is commonly used as an ingredient in Indian dishes and can be consumed as either a supplement or as a whole food. Adding turmeric powder to your recipes helps clean the intestines and stimulates the liver. A sluggish liver can wreak havoc on the digestion process. Beet powder is another detoxifying agent for the liver that can be added to chocolate cake, pasta dough or creamy dips for a unique flavour.

An Ayurvedic lifestyle gives you back the power to live life with a healthier body and mind. Many digestive issues can be handled with Ayurvedic food choices and by choosing a calmer and more relaxed eating environment.

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5 Benefits of Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is a powerful herb and as more studies are conducted its true power really starts to shine. It has a variety of healing properties and is one of the most mentioned herbs in research studies. When you begin to look at the vast amount of research that has gone into turmeric, you’ll notice that there are many cases reporting the benefits and advantages of using this herb versus many prescription drugs. With so many benefits available, this herbal giant simply cannot be ignored by the western world.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Turmeric plays an important role in terms of fighting off chronic inflammation, which is often present in one form or another in a variety of chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease and many others. The active ingredient Curcumin, which is found in turmeric, provides these medicinal properties. Curcumin starts working at the molecular level to target the inflammatory pathway.

Anti-Aging Supplement

Turmeric is a powerful spice that can be used as a superb anti-aging supplement. Not only does it have the ability to help fight off a number of chronic diseases but it will keep your skin looking young as well. If you don’t yet have turmeric powder in your pantry it’s time to order some now.

Diabetes Management

Turmeric is an important part of your diet if you’re a diabetic. This spice can lower blood sugar levels and can help reverse the body’s resistance to insulin.

Fighting Depression

Studies have shown that turmeric may also play an important part in the treatment of depression. As an added benefit, turmeric doesn’t offer the same type of side effects that come with prescription antidepressant drugs.

It Tastes Great

It’s so easy to incorporate turmeric powder into your regular diet because it tastes so good. You don’t have to buy it in supplement form or deal with swallowing any type of capsules. Simply sprinkle the powder on your food and then enjoy the fantastic benefits that come along with it.

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