The Body as a Whole Instead of as Individual Parts

When you follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle, you’ll view your body as a whole instead of as individual parts. When something is wrong with one part of the body, you’ll look at the bigger picture and address a larger issue. The symptoms felt are your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong.

Health issues are addressed by an Ayurvedic counsellor in a different way than they are treated by Western practitioners. The patient will spend a minimum of an hour in most cases with the practitioner so that the Ayurvedic specialist can understand him better as a whole while taking both the mind and the body into account.

Ayurvedic medicine also looks at the role of the parts and how they fit into the bigger picture. When one part can’t function properly, it may have isolated itself from the rest of the body. By addressing the body as a whole, the broken parts can often be fixed.

The mind also plays an important role in an Ayurvedic lifestyle and even Western medicine is now admitting that our moods and stress levels can play an important part in the development of certain diseases and conditions. Stress and an unbalanced emotional state can lead to a number of different problems and can even affect how a person is able to assimilate the nutrients he so vitally needs from food.

Eating the proper food and living an Ayurvedic lifestyle gives a person the opportunity to optimize his health to the fullest and enjoy life with less stress and emotional disturbances. While it’s still considered to be a unique concept here in the West for the most part, it has been a major part of Eastern philosophy and an accepted tradition for years.

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