Catch the Wave of the Beetroot Trend

Beetroots are trending right now in North America and in the rest of the world. It has become known as ‘The Purple Trend’ and beetroots now have the well-deserved label of being a superfood. People are reaching for fresh beetroot and powdered beetroot to gain the benefits of extra nutrients and antioxidants in their diets. In fact, the sales of beets in supermarkets was on the rise by as much as 1/3 in 2017. People are adding this superfood to their smoothies and incorporating it as an ingredient in regular recipes to add a new taste and extra nutrition.

Beetroot contains betanin, which is known for its anticancer effects and it also contains a high level of folate, which can raise your spirits when you’re feeling low. The antioxidants can make hair and skin thrive while at the same time providing plenty of fiber.

This root is also loaded with iron, and is one of the few vegetables that contains this valuable mineral. If you’re feeling fatigued or tired, it may be time to eat some beetroot for a pick-me-up. It also contains natural nitrites, which helps to regulate blood pressure. Athletes drink beetroot before heading to the gym to get more endurance and experience better performance. Studies have also shown that runners can go for longer distances before experiencing fatigue if they drink this magical vegetable before running.

Beetroot is a nutrient-dense food that contains a number of other vitamins and minerals. If you don’t like the taste of beets or don’t have a juicer or blender that can handle juicing this vegetable, beetroot powder is the perfect solution. Learn more about our gourmet beet powder by visiting our website at

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