What Is Forest Dew Honey?

Discover a new taste in honey that offers a warm and woody, medium sweetness to food with low acidity. This type of honey is less sweet than other varieties, is darker and has the ability to resist crystallization. With a low-glucose and a high-fructose level and a high water to glucose ratio, it remains in a liquid state. Forest honey is also harder to find, making it highly desired by honey lovers and connoisseurs across the world.

Our forest dew honey is sourced from Bulgaria, and is very popular in a number of European countries like Turkey, Greece, Slovenia, Italy, Turkey and Austria. It is made from honeydew, which is left behind from aphids that suck on trees and plants. A unique and sustainable relationship exists between bees and aphids and most people don’t realize this has been going on for years.

Forest honey is a mineral-rich honey that is quite savoury and it sometimes appears to have a slight green fluorescence in its dark colouring. It contains more amino acids and minerals than other honey and it also provides oligosaccharides, which are prebiotics that help to promote the growth of healthy microflora in the intestines. Anyone that is reaching for a natural honey for health reasons should explore the benefits of this honey variety.

Overall, forest dew honey has a distinctive, bolder and stronger flavour than other honey, but the taste can vary based on the plant and insect involved in the honey-making process. It pairs perfectly with cheese and meat and offers more therapeutic and nutritional benefits than traditional honey, which is sourced from flowers.

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