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    Dinavedic Plant Based Hemp Protein Powder

    Hemp protein is obtained from the shelled seeds of the hemp plant. These seeds are cold pressed to expel most of the oil and milled and sifted to remove some of the fiber.

    Hemp seeds are known for their nutrition-rich profile and some people even consider it as a super-food. Moreover, it is one of the best sources of plant-based protein.

    The Dinavedic brand seeks to source and deliver authentic, wholesome ingredients offering alternatives for every cooking style. We recognize our customers are bombarded with options, and we strive to simplify their purchase by delivering unsurpassed quality at the best possible price.

    Drained by the endless struggle to ease digestive distress, joint pain, headaches and the overall feeling of ill , the Dinavedic assortment of products was born. An assortment of honeys, syrups, spices and powders aimed at not only relieving symptoms, but improving overall and well-being. A line of products designed to create the perfect balance of mind and body.

    Our philosophy is quite simple: offer our customers an assortment of deliciously wholesome, authentic, fine products and ingredients, in a convenient, easy-to-work-with size, procured from the best source in the world.