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Yeast Flaked 1.5Kg Dinavedic

Category: Dry Ingredients

Packed full of essential nutrients with an appealing cheesy flavour. Nutritional Yeast Powder is made by culturing a strain of yeast in sugar cane or beetroot molasses, heat treating it to stop the growth, and drying and processing to flakes or powder. It has an appealing umami-rich flavour, and vegetarians and vegans love it. Highly nutritious, a 2 tbsp serving contains 9 g of complete protein and is high in iron and B vitamins. Use it to season soups and stews, tofu scrambles, rice and pasta dishes. It's delicious on salads and is one of the


Inactive dried yeast.

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  • sku: 152564
  • brand: Dinavedic
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